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Investor Sentiment and Future Stock Returns: The Role of Investor Attention
C Mbanga, A. Darrat and J. Park – Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2018

The Day of the Week Pattern of Price Clustering in Bitcoin
C Mbanga – Applied Economics Letters, 2018

Extreme Returns and Investor Attention to Bitcoin
C Mbanga – The Empirical Economics Letters, 2018

TGIF? The Weekend Effect in Energy Commodities
S. Hoelscher, C Mbanga, W. Nelson – Journal of Finance Issues, 2017

Aggregate Idiosyncratic Volatility, Dynamic Aspects of Loss Aversion, and Narrow Framing
J Hur, C Mbanga – Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2016

Fiscal policy and the US stock market
C Mbanga, AF Darrat – Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 1-16, 2015

The Impact of Monetary And Fiscal Policies On Real Output: A Re-Examination
A Darrat, K Tah, C Mbanga – Business and Economics journal 5 (2), 2014

Integration in Start-Ups: Realizing and Understanding Differences
N Krey, C Mbanga –  Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship, 2013

Working Papers & Work in Progress

Investor Sentiment and Aggregate Returns: The Role of Investor Attention
C Mbanga, A Darrat, J Park (Under Review)

Anchoring Bias and Short-Term Return Reversal
J Hur, S Shoukfeh, C Mbanga (Working Paper)

On Currency Substitution and Money Demand Instability in the GCC
A Darrat, C MbangaK Tah (Working Paper)

Fiscal Policy, Political Uncertainty and the US Stock Market
A Darrat, C Mbanga (Working Paper)

Underreaction to Firm Specific News and the Cross-Autocorrelation of Stocks Returns
C Mbanga (Work in Progress)

Anchoring Bias and The Volatility of Bid Ask Spread
C Mbanga (Work in Progress)

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